When Should You Call a Gutter Repair Professional?

Despite how straightforward it may seem, gutter repair can be quite a debatable topic for some people. Blocked gutters? Just look for what’s blocking the flow and take it out. Leaking gutters? Just put some caulk on them. Rusty gutters? Maybe you should try and patch them up.

But as much as those DIY techniques may help you in cutting costs, there are times when they are clearly not able to solve your problem. Obstructions may not always be simple enough to be taken out through bare hands. Leaks would not always get fixed with a little caulking. And rusty fixtures may have no other solution than a new gutter installation. gutters

That’s when you turn to gutter repair professionals to get you out of these troubles.

When Should You Call a Gutter Repair Service Anyway?

From a cost saving perspective, running DIY solutions or doing an inspection at the very least could definitely benefit you and may help solve you the problem on your own. But as mentioned above, that is not always the case.


When it is clear that you may not be able to fix the problem by yourself, turning to a gutter repair service would be the way to go.


For instance, you may need to call a gutter repair service if:


  • The flow of water has stopped, and no visible obstruction is present. This means that your gutter system has the obstruction in the downspout instead of being in the main gutters. Since you wouldn’t have the tools or the experience to check the blockage that is present within the closed off downspout, calling a professional would be the best option


  • Sections of the gutter system have started to break off. This could either be due to a low quality gutter installation, or simply because your gutter system has lived its age. Either way, this would call for professional gutter repair services to mend the broken pieces or replace them with a new gutter installation.


  • The gutters have started to show corrosion or rust. If your gutter system has fallen prey to corrosion, then a gutter repair professional would be able to help you determine what may have caused it. With that, they would also be able to advise whether only sections of your gutter system be replaced or if you need a completely new gutter installation.


  • The gutters have started dripping from a few places, and caulking doesn’t fix it. Once again, when the age old solution of caulking doesn’t work, you’ll need to turn to a gutter repair service to determine what is causing your gutters to drip that much before the leak spreads into your home. After a thorough inspection, they would be able to tell you whether your gutter system has run its course or if it can be saved with some targeted repairs.


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