Six Ideas You Can Incorporate into Your Patio Setup

When trying to figure out how to set things up in your patio, it’s easy to get your creativity blocked. Arranging your patio furniture in a way that makes things look homely can be a challenge especially when you have more space or more furniture to work with. You have to be able to make the most out of the space and utilize each piece of furniture to its full potential. Having a well-made patio setup can really add a lot to your home and will give you a lovely area to relax and enjoy some afternoon tea with someone. To help you out, here are six ideas you can incorporate into your patio setup.

  • Classic sofa and chair arrangement – If you have a large space to work with, go with a classic arrangement. Setup a sofa and a pair of chairs in such a way that it mimics the feel of your living room making the area both functional and comfortable. Having something to divide the space from the outdoor openness will make the area feel more indoors like.
  • Loveseats and chairs – One of the best pieces of furniture that you can use which is a great space saver is the loveseat. Opting to use a loveseat instead of a couch will allow you to have more space but still have a place where two people may sit. The extra space that you have on either side of the loveseat is a great place where you can set up some chairs. Having this kind of patio furniture set up is great for a small gathering of people and this set up can be moved around to your liking making it quite a versatile patio setup.
  • Pair of sofas – When you have two sofas to work with, you may be inclined to set them up across each other. A better approach would be to create a more intimate setting by using a corner where each sofa will be set up perpendicularly. In the small space connecting the sofas, people can chit chat comfortably while the other side is much more open and free.
  • Sectional boundaries – With a three-piece sectional you can also set up an intimate seating setup. If your patio doesn’t have that much space to work with, a sectional would be a great option as these pieces allow for more areas for sittings whilst not consuming a lot of floor space.
  • Ottomans over chairs – Again if your patio doesn’t have that much space, you may want to opt using ottomans instead of chairs. Ottomans are a great option for patios that have a limited space because of their versatility plus they look great and have a layer of function.
  • Four chair circle – If you don’t have a sofa to work with for your patio furniture setup and only have chairs, you can be rule free when it comes to the arrangement. Setting up four chairs into a circle creates a really inviting space great for sharing cocktails and barbeque.