Choosing Custom Window Shutters for your Home Aesthetic

In the world of custom window treatments, window shutters provide a look that has class and elegance making them a good option for your home. What’s great about custom window shutters is that they bring together style and functionality in perfect balance. In addition to that, shutters are much sturdier compared to other custom window treatments and this sturdiness means that they have a long lifespan lasting up to twenty years. It is important to note that window shutters are on the pricier side so when choosing window shutters, you have to be sure you are making the right decision.

Window shutters can be used in the exterior and interior of the window but for now, we will focus on interior window shutters. Exterior window shutters are more on the functional side shielding the window from strong winds, rains, the sun etc.

When you find yourself looking through custom window shutters and thinking about what to choose, you will want to have an understanding about the different kinds of window shutters including the materials they are made of, the colors and finishes they come in and more. Knowing these will help you in getting to the best kind of custom window shutters for your home. So to help you wish choosing custom window shutters for your home, we are going to be going through a few examples that you may consider picking out.

  1. Plantation Shutters – For areas where you want to let in more natural light, plantation shutters are the answer. These custom window shutters are a common choice for kitchen windows and it is their wider slat spacing that allows them to let in more light. This means that they may not be that favorable for rooms where you wish to block out light. The design of plantation shutters allows them to be hung singly or double. This approach makes it great for bathrooms where the lower part is closed for privacy while the upper part is opened to let in light.
  2. Café Style Shutters – These shutters get their name because of their functionality in preventing the sunlight from blinding them which otherwise could result in spilt coffee. They typically are hung at table height and are great for your kitchen and dining area windows. Café style shutters can also be used in rooms where you wish to block any outside view but still be able to let in some light. For more privacy, these can be paired with curtains installed above them.
  3. Shaker Style Shutters – Shaker style shutters are for those who want to shut out the world and retreat to the comfort in their room. These custom window shutters are great for shutting out the rains and giving you this cozy feeling inside making you want to pick up a book. Shaker style shutters are very good at blocking out light and providing the interior with privacy since their design does not feature any slats and only a few seams. These shutters are best used on windows in large rooms but still work in smaller rooms.